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Why Are Medical Examination Gloves So Important?

Medical examination gloves can be defined as gloves that can be easily disposable that are primarily utilized during medical examinations. It is a common apparatus in any medical institution, dispensaries, and hospital. Medical gloves are a sign of cleanliness and sanitation being given to caregivers.

Interestingly, the first-ever gloves were invented by a rubber factory owner and he gifted them to his wife who was a chief nurse at that time. She had developed a reaction on her hands. To save her from the same. Her husband developed rubber gloves for her. However, the first-ever modern disposable gloves were developed in 1965.

Last year in the COVID19 pandemic medical gloves was essential equipment not only for medical personnel but also for the common man. The market for medical gloves in 2020 had a value of more than USD 10.17 billion and, with growing demand (especially in developing countries), is expected to grow by 9.2 per cent per year until 2028. The majority of medical gloves are manufactured in South East Asia with Malaysia alone accounting for about three-quarters of global production in 2020

There are various types of medical examination gloves made from different polymers such as nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and neoprene(all made from latex). They consist of examination gloves, surgical gloves, and chemotherapy gloves (especially for chemotherapy patients). However, Surgical and examination gloves are predominantly used more. Medical examination gloves can be sterile and non-sterile but the latter is sterile.

Sizing should be one of the first things to look at. Mostly, examination gloves are sized in XS, S, M, and L. Some brands may offer size XL. Surgical gloves on the contrary don’t come in specific sizes. First-time users of examination gloves find it simpler than surgical gloves as the latter users find it difficult to adjust the glove with the geometry of their hand.

One should stay away from powdered gloves too. Earlier, powders were used as lubricants to facilitate the donning of gloves. The powder was obtained from pines and moss clubs, which were found to be toxic. Talcum powder and cornstarch substituted it as a lubricant but later on, it was found to have side effects such as the inflammatory reaction and scar formation. Now chlorination of gloves is followed as this method eliminates the allergic reactions on the wearer. Hence to avoid such risks the government is moving towards banning powder for donning gloves.

When Should One Use Medical Gloves:

  • When exposed to fluids of another person’s body:- When we contact fluids and excretions of humans such as vomit, urine, etc.
  • When another person is affected by any contagious disease:- The person you are in contact with is affected with cold cough, T, B, or any skin disease.
  • When proper sanitation is not seen:- For eg When you visit a public restroom with preferably less sanitation.

Dos And Don’ts While Using Medical Gloves

  • One should always wash their hands before wearing sterile gloves.
  • The use of damaged/unclean gloves is an invitation to numerous diseases.
  • Hence, always change your gloves if they are slightly ripped or punctured. Also, beware of sharp objects when gloves are put on.
  • If you are a caregiver, fitting gloves is very important as it makes you comfortable to work.
  • Always check the materials through which gloves are manufactured in case you are allergic to some polymers.
  • Reusing gloves is not recommended in any case.
  • After removal of gloves hands should be washed by soap or alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Exchanging and sharing medical gloves is strictly prohibited.

Like our health, hygiene is associated with this product, where do we find authenticated stores or examination gloves, suppliers? In this scenario, our research skills and trust in a particular brand i.e smart and calculative approach matter.

Let’s take an example of 3 people who say, X, Y, and Z willing to buy medical examination gloves for themselves:

X, being unaware and clueless regarding which medical gloves to be brought. He simply goes to the local shop and fetches some pairs of gloves. He did not check the material nor did he check the company manufacturing it. He merely focused on the sizing of the gloves.

Y, having some basic knowledge about medical gloves. Instead of a local shop, he goes directly for medical examination gloves online for buying gloves. He gets confused looking at the number of companies selling the same product with a negligible price range. Finally landing at no conclusion he randomly decides to select a store for buying the product.

Z did a proper search on the list of medical examination gloves suppliers both online and offline. After referring to the size, material, and his actual purpose of buying the product. He came up with a good company abiding by the laws of the FDA (Food and drug administration) producing medical products and serving the exact purpose of purchasing.

Now, from the above example, we can conclude that Z’s approach towards buying the gloves was correct as he ticked all the boxes.

Final Overview

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