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Which Surgical Gloves Are Best?

To begin with, first, we need to know what buy surgical gloves are and what are the uses of surgical gloves.

They are sterile gloves that are worn by people in the medical field like doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, and other medical professionals to prevent the contamination of the patient during any kind of procedure.

Many medical professionals prefer using nitrile gloves which are made of a synthetic rubber compound because they are of high quality, last longer, and don’t tear easily. The quality of surgical gloves amazon is not the same as those that can be bought from anywhere – they’re special.

Many also prefer to use Natural Rubber Latex which is also known as NRL. NRL gloves are preferred because they have a protective layer that protects the user from harmful pathogens, during plasma extractions, infected blood, etc.

The most obvious purposes of these gloves are:

1. To act as a shield to prevent the spreading of diseases from patients to healthcare professions during surgical processes.

2. They are worn during dressing and handling of wounds to prevent infections affecting the wound.

Different types of surgical gloves and their features are:

Latex gloves:

  • These are comfortable
  • They are flexible and durable
  • Fit perfectly when worn – not too loose or too tight
  • Preferred by many surgeons
  • People that have allergies to latex are not recommended to use these gloves as they can face some problems
  • Act as a protection to a certain extent
  • They can resist tears
  • It can be bought as powdered and power-free

Vinyl gloves

  • They are not very expensive and they provide a higher value than what was paid for
  • Vinyl gloves are manufactured using polyvinyl chloride
  • They provide a standard protection
  • They are latex-free but less durable and tactile for sensitive work
  • They are light and soft
  • Are somewhat resistant against a few chemicals

Nitrile gloves

  • These are protein-free and latex-free
  • Provide high protection
  • They are chemical resistant
  • They are puncture-resistant, meaning they are less prone to tearing easily.
  • Protect against pathogens

A few things to consider when buying surgical gloves are:

  1. The material – whether you are allergic to the material it is made with. For example, some people are allergic to latex.
  2. Whether it is powdered or not powdered. Sometimes, powdered gloves can lead to problems if the powder comes in contact with the wounds and it could lead to complications. Surgical procedures mostly use non-powdered gloves to avoid any health complications to the patient.
  3. It is level of protection
  4. How it fits and feels on the hand
  5. How comfortable it is
  6. The quality it is and whether it provides a value for the money that is paid for it
  7. Double gloving – many surgeons and doctors prefer to wear two gloves, usually of different colors, for more protection and to easily and quickly know if and when the outer gloves tears or punctures.
  8. How compatible the gloves are with other surgical things in the room like the lights, blades, etc.
  9. Knowing which type of procedure you’re going to do. Sometimes, different procedures need special types of gloves or whether people are allergic to the type of material the glove is.

The types of surgical gloves that StoeGroup sell are:

  1. Latex surgical gloves – one pair of disposable, powdered and sterile gloves can be bought for 80 rupees.
  2. Latex surgical gloves – one sterile pair of powder-free and disposable gloves which can be bought at 60 rupees.
  3. Latex surgical gloves – these surgical gloves are disposable and powder-free. One pair can be bought for 60 rupees
  4. Non-sterile latex surgical gloves which are powdered can be purchased for 60 rupees.
  5. Latex surgical gloves of 16” can be bought for 84 rupees. They are powder-free and sterile.
  6. Latex surgical gloves of 19” can be bought for 84 rupees. They are powder-free and sterile.
  7. A box of 50 pairs of sterile surgical gloves which are powder-free can be purchased for 3000 rupees. They have been made using a thick material for better safety. They are made using natural rubber latex and come in a creamy white color. They are coated with polymer/ are chlorinated as they are powder-free surgical gloves.
  8. Powdered surgical gloves which come in a box of 50 pairs are also 3000 rupees. They are also made using natural rubber latex and come in creamy white. They have a powder content of 15mg/ gm^2. They can be bought in 8”, 7.5”, 7”, 6.5”, 6”,

STOEGROUP sells all these types of surgical gloves and they can all be purchased in a range of sizes from small to extra-large. They offer a wide range which is of high quality and can be trusted.