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Top surgical Gloves Manufacturers In India

Medical gloves are those which prevent the spread of a disease or infection between the wearer and object/ person of contact. They are disposable and are generally made of natural rubber or synthetics such as PVC, nitrile, etc. However, most surgical gloves manufacturers make them out of latex.

Medical gloves are of two types, namely examination gloves and surgical gloves. It is the latter that we shall discuss in detail here.

What Are Surgical Gloves?

Surgical gloves are a type of medical gloves, which are worn as protective gear by professional medics. They are made to be of superior quality to other medical gloves because their wearer has to usually handle pathogens and toxic contaminants. Such tasks have a high risk of causing severe medical conditions, and hence, surgical gloves manufacturers have to abide by manufacturing guidelines laid by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Surgical gloves have a tight fit that allows breathability and flexibility at the same time. This is to aid precision while operating with surgical tools during critical surgeries. Three other salient characteristics of surgical gloves are listed below.

  • Tensile strengthSurgical gloves are highly tensile, i.e., they can be stretched enough without the risk of breaking. Practitioners prefer to buy surgical gloves with high tensile strength as they often work under conditions or with tools that can puncture the gloves otherwise. Thus, high tensility helps prevent cross-contamination.
  •  Sensitivity: Often, practitioners refuse to wear gloves citing loss of touch sensitivity as the reason. This makes them vulnerable to contracting diseases like HIV Aids and puts the patient at contamination risk. Surgical gloves provide a barrier from contracting blood-borne diseases while maintaining a significant amount of touch sensitivity.
  • Sterile: Surgical gloves ought to be sterile to meet the standards of an FDA-approved glove. Sterile gloves are devoid of any bacteria or microorganisms on them. They prevent infections in the patient’s body in this way.

However, the intensity of each glove varies from brand to brand. It is imperative to check the metric of tensility and sensitivity before you buy surgical gloves.

What Is The Use Of Surgical Gloves?

Surgical gloves are single-use medical pieces of equipment. They must be used only once, and no pair of gloves should be used for two different individuals. It is also important to note that while gloves reduce the risk of contamination, they do not entirely rule out the probability of contracting an infection.

People often buy surgical gloves online or offline for the following purposes:-

  • Maintain antisepsis: Surgical gloves are worn by practitioners and assist staff during invasive treatments. This helps maintain antisepsis. Two gloves are donned during more risky surgeries like hepatitis B and C.
  • Prevention of bedsore: The gloves are filled with water and put between the pressure points of the patients to avoid bedsores among bed-ridden patients.
  • Gloves are worn while hand-dressing in several cases. Medical staff at the hospital often wear surgical gloves while tending to an open wound of a patient to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Often researchers use surgical gloves in a laboratory setting to safely carry out their experiments.
  • Medical students also use surgical gloves during their practical examination very often.

When you look for surgical gloves onlinemake sure to check the reviews and ratings to understand the effectiveness and reliability of the products.

What Are The Types Of Surgical Gloves?

There are numerous types of surgical gloves available online. They differ based on the material used for them and their manufacturing processes. Each of them serves and fulfills different demands depending on the nature of the work.

Knowledge of each variety is essential before you choose to Google “surgical gloves near me “.  Here are a few categories explained.

Powdered vs. Non powdered gloves:

Surgical gloves follow a time-consuming process for donning them. To provide convenience while donning, many manufacturers make them powdered. They often use cornstarch for this purpose.

However, corn-starch has been found to be dangerous for causing post-surgery infection to the wearer. Additionally, they can harm the patient too.

Hence, in 2019 FDA had banned the use of powdered gloves.

Powder-free gloves are made wearable through the process of chlorination. They are dipped in a chlorine solution and then let out to dry to increase their fitting. Due to this added process of chlorination, powder-free gloves can be slightly more expensive.

Other than the above-mentioned category, there are different types of surgical gloves based on their material. They can be made up of natural products like latex or synthetics or polymers like nitrile or PVC.

What Is The Difference Between Surgical Gloves And Nitrile Gloves?

A typical surgical mask is made from latex, while sometimes gloves made up of nitrile are used. The main difference between these two gloves lies in their functionality. While surgical gloves protect from bacteria and harmful viruses, nitrile gloves offer resistance against chemicals. Other differences between the two are:

  • Nitrile gloves are more tensile and have a higher endurance to rupture. However, they restrict movement. On the other hand, surgical gloves offer much more flexibility in action, while they are less resistant to punctures (only in comparison).
  • Latex surgical gloves are biodegradable, while nitrile gloves are non-biodegradable.
  • Latex gloves are more closely fitted than nitrile gloves and thus allow better hand movement. Nitrile gloves have a loose fit, and hence, they cause discomfort to the user.
  • Latex surgical gloves are more effective for jobs that demand maintenance of hygiene and precise hand movement. 

Surgical Gloves Manufacturers Near Me

Surgical gloves are readily available anywhere. Just search “surgical gloves near me“, and thousands of options will follow in the results. However, unfortunately, one cannot be sure of the quality and originality of the product. To ensure that they are genuine, you must look for the FDA’s approval of the product. 

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