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Selecting The Right Adult Diapers


An adult diaper is a kind of diaper specifically made to be worn by non-infants, specifically, those who have larger body frames. In short, adult diapers are for the use of adults, more often than not, senior citizens.

Adult diapers are necessary for various conditions causing adults not to be able to control their excretory system that well. Conditions such as incontinence, severe diarrhea, or dementia are just some of the situations that may call for the use of an adult diaper.

There are a lot of types of adult diapers out there that can be used for different circumstances. From traditional-looking ones to underpants, there is a right adult diaper type for each situation.

With that said, if you were tasked to buy adult diapers for one of your loved ones, things can get quite confusing. Apart from the types of adult diapers, a lot more factors must be considered before heading to the checkout counter with your product.

Uses of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers, as mentioned, were made to cater to adults and certain situations and conditions that they may be in. More specifically, here are some of the known uses of adult diapers:

Bathroom Alternative

First and foremost, this one is perhaps the most practical use of an adult diaper. Adult diapers can be your portable bathroom making it perfect for situations that may need one. For example, long trips across countries or even long-duration flights can call for an adult diaper as you may not be able to access a clean bathroom on the road or during long lines at the airport.

Medical Purposes

Finally, the most common use for an adult diaper is for medical purposes. Some individuals, more often than not senior citizens, may not be in the right condition to control some of their reflexes and natural body processes already, particularly those concerning excretion. With this, adult diapers are used as a way to help them.


One of the most common conditions for the use of an adult diaper is incontinence which is defined as the lack of voluntary control over urination and defecation. People with conditions like this may not be able to fully regulate the said processes which means that they would be needing the support of adult diapers.

Bed ridden patients

For individuals who may not be able to fully utilize their motor skills, the adult diaper’s trait as a portable bathroom is very useful. Bedridden patients may not be able to walk or run to the comfort room which means that they would need to defecate and urinate wherever they are through an adult diaper. Under our brand Stoe, we manufacture leakproof and odour free adult diapers wholesale which will make the recovery for bedridden patients much more comfortable.

For patients suffering from burns and trauma

Another case for using adult diapers is if an individual is suffering from burns or trauma. This condition may cause the patient to experience momentary incontinence. The patient may also be psychologically unable to control urination and defecation due to extreme pain.

Post-operative or post-pregnancy care

Finally, patients who just came out of an operation such as pregnancy may not be able to properly release their wastes either due to drugs or due to the operation itself. In this case, a Stoe Adult Diaper may be needed to prevent any inconveniences and to ensure that the patient won’t need to get up if they are bedridden.

Things to Consider in Selecting the Right Adult Diaper

As mentioned, buying an adult diaper can be confusing due to the number of choices you have. However, to help you choose the best one, there are a couple of things you should consider. Knowing the right things to take note of when buying an adult diaper may just spare you a wasted trip to the store.

Adult Diaper Type

The first thing to consider when buying an adult diaper is the type that you need. Different situations or different prescriptions will need different adult diapers, however, sometimes mere preference may be the main determinant so if you are buying it for someone else, you better communicate well with them.

Cloth Diaper vs Disposable

Cloth diapers are much more reusable than disposable underpads diapers. Cloth diapers can simply be washed well and cleaned for another use making it the obvious choice for those who will be using adult diapers regularly. Meanwhile, for those who will be using an adult diaper for one or two specific cases, such as trips, then the disposable diaper should be enough.

Pull-up or Diaper Type

Another thing to consider is the build of your adult diaper. There are two types of adult diapers to consider in this situation which are the pull-up and diaper types. The pull-up adult diaper is often called the underpants also due to its similarities to normal underwear. On the other hand, the diaper type is much like your average baby diaper that needs to be wrapped around the pelvic area.

Absorbency Rate

The absorbency rate of the adult diaper is also another thing to consider before buying an adult diaper since this one will largely depend on the user’s diet. Knowing the specific absorbency you may need might require a few trials and errors.


Next up is to know the fit of the diaper. The fit of an adult diaper is a very big factor in the comfort of the one using it as a tight diaper may produce irritations and w loose one may render inconveniences.

These factors are just some of the things to consider before heading for the counter with an adult diaper for you or for your loved one. Adult diapers have numerous uses and getting the right one is more than critical and our Stoe Adult Diapers are great candidates. With that said, be sure to be meticulous about it and always prioritize quality over the price.