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An Underpad sheet for a bed can be described as a high-absorbing underpad derived from the non-woven fiber. These underpads are manufactured to keep the bedding and pillows dry and clean from urine or any fecal discharges. These items seal in water, as well as the water-proof layer, provides great and superior protection. They are made of a strong material that is resistant to ripping and shredding.

Features of underpad sheets

The various features of underpads for beds are as follows:
• These sheets for the bed have a flat design and consist of a strong inner fabric.
• They absorb all fluid discharge quickly and dry up ensuring a clean, hygienic, and comfortable sensation for the user.
• The fabrics used inside are breathable.
• These are available in reusable or disposable form.
• These sheets are also durable.

Advantages of underpad sheets

The underpads are 100% comfortable and don’t cause any kind of irritation to the skin of the user. The material is extremely lightweight and has a fresh odor which helps to lock any kind of bad smell released from the urine or fecal discharge. The wearer can use it anywhere and anytime.

Size : 60*90
Style : Quilted pattern
Absorbency : 1000ml
Sap : Available
Technology : Gel
Comfort : Ultimate
Protection : Quickly locks away the fluid
Surface : Perforated Soft
Surface Touch : Always Dry
Rashes & Itching : No
Packing : 10 Underpads in one Pack
Packaging : 15 Packs in one Carton so 150 under pads in one carton in total

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  • The underpads are soft underpads and has smooth texture.
  • The underpads has high absorbtion capacity.
  • The underpads are available in the size of 60 cm x 90 cm.
  • They come in a standard packing of 100 units per pack.


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