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Nitrile Examination Gloves Powder Free (1 Box -100 Pcs)


Nitrile examination gloves are specifically intended for medical tests, diagnoses, and remedial operations. It is safe to handle tainted pharmaceutical items. Powder-free varieties of nitrile hand gloves are also available in the market. These gloves are often referred to as nitrile surgical gloves.

Features of Nitrile examination gloves –

• These examination surgical gloves are ambidextrous and are not sterilized.
• The gloves primarily consist of Acrylo Nitrile Butadiene that will have no organic or untreated latex or rubber and is biodegradable.
• The chemical substances or solutions that are used in the manufacturing process of these are 100% safe and not at all harmful to the skin.
• The gloves have a smooth surface which makes them easy to wear and remove.

Advantages of Nitrile examination gloves –

Nitrile examination gloves are nearly three stronger and more resistant to rips, breakages, etc than typical latex medical exam gloves. These nitrile gloves have quite a contoured grip and offer something like flexibility. These are unlikely to cause skin irritation, allowing them a remarkable option for rubber, especially in medical practice.


Section 1: Product Specifications

Examination gloves made from Nitrile.
Specially designed for conducting medical examinations, diagnostics and therapeutic procedures.
Safe for handling contaminated medical materials. Available in  Powder free versions only.
Material Nitrile
Size S,M,L,XL
Weight 3.5 ± 0.2 Gms / Glove Thickness > 0.08 mm
Length 280mm Surface Smooth/Texture
Colour Blue/Violet Blue/Apple Green/Black
Powder Nil to < 1.0 mg/glove
Quality Pinholes free, no discoloration and no torn

Section 2: Product Identification

Type Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous
Description Not a Dangerous Good or Hazardous Substance or Scheduled Poison

Section 3: Primary Material & Other Ingredients

Primary Material Acrylo Nitrile Butadine, contains no natural Latex, Biocompatible
Non Toxic All chemicals used are non toxic or non hazardous
Chemical Allergens Non Detectable Levels

Section 4: Fire and Explosion Hazard

Fire Hazard Non Combustible at ambient temp, combustible when ignited
Explosion Hazard No Explosion Hazard

Section 5: Storage & Shelf Life

Storage Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from strong oxidizing agents, sunlight, fluorescent lights, x-ray equipment.
Shelf Life If property stored, shelf life of minimum of 36 months

Additional information


XL, S, M, L


Blue, Violet Blue, Apple Green, Black


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