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Nitrile Examination ” Blue/ V Blue, (Powder Free), 7.5-8 gm/pc (100 Pcs)


Nitrile examination gloves are also one of the best choices of gloves considering the quality of the product. It is thicker and more resilient when it comes to longevity. The gloves are designed to protect your hands against microbes and germs. It finds its usage in several industries.


● Nitrile examination gloves are used in medical industries while preparing medicines and other vital solutions.
● The nurses and doctors are always advised to put on nitrile examination gloves while handling patients since their health is fragile and may contract harmful diseases.
● The laboratory experts are also asked to handle culture medium and experiments under sterilised conditions that are with gloves on.
● An individual working in the cooking industry also maintains hygiene through the use of nitrile gloves.


The nitrile gloves are puncture-resistant, unlike regular rubber gloves. It also showcases the thicker quality of the product which won’t suffer wear and tear while you remove them. The production of sweat is also low.


50 gloves in a Poly bag, 50 Poly bags in a gunny Bag. Rate per pair

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XL, XS, S, M, L


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