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Latex Surgical Gloves


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Section 1: Product Specifications

Product STOE/NIT/ PF
Material Nitrile
Weight 10 ± 0.2 Gms / Glove
Length 240 mm Thickness > 0.09 mm
Colour Natural White/Off White,Pale Yellow  the colour may vary due to storage time and conditions Surface Smooth/Texture
Size Options 6”, 6.5”, 7”,7.5”, 8”,16”,18”
Powder Nil to < 1.0 mg/glove
Quality Pinholes free, no discoloration and no torn
Packing Per Box 50Pair each size

Section 2: Product Identification

Product Name Latex Surgical Gloves
Option Powdered and Powdred free
Type Sterile, Non-sterile
Description Not a Dangerous Good or Hazardous Substance or Scheduled Poison

Section 3: Primary Material & Other Ingredients

Primary Material Acrylo Nitrile Butadine, contains no natural Latex, Biocompatible
Non Toxic All chemicals used are non toxic or non hazardous
Chemical Allergens Non Detectable Levels

Section 4: Fire and Explosion Hazard

Fire Hazard Non Combustible at ambient temp, combustible when ignited
Explosion Hazard No Explosion Hazard

Section 5: Storage & Shelf Life

Storage Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from strong oxidizing agents, sunlight, fluorescent lights, x-ray equipment.
Shelf Life If property stored, shelf life of minimum of 36 months

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6'', 6.5'', 7'', 7.5'', 8'', 16'', 18''


Powdered, Powdred free


Sterile, Non-sterile


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