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Latex Surgical Gloves (Powder Free) Sterile


Latex surgical gloves for prevention of contamination are a great measure in itself. Not only medical and dental professionals but health care workers and other service providers who work to earn their living by risking their lives should use sterile surgical gloves to protect themselves from infectious diseases. Even sanitation workers and other people who carried out medical and cleanliness drives should use gloves for their extended safety from infections.Infact in the scenario of covid pandemic people widely used gloves to prevent from the threatening virus as sometimes even after washing hands the germs remain on the dermal surface. So to avoid this risk factor one must wear gloves.

It is important to wear the right size of the gloves in order to protect to yourself from contamination. Wrong sized or loose latex surgical gloves can let the pathogens or other unwanted particles to come in contact with your skin and cause reactions in your body. StoeGroup offers five sizing options for all genders. The gloves are available in XS,S,M,L and XL to fit any palm size of the individual.

Benefits of powder-free latex gloves

  • Latex gloves without powder were developed to lessen the risk of latex allergy and sensitivity in users and anybody else who comes into contact with them.
  • Due to the chlorine washing procedure, powder-free gloves greatly limit the transmission of latex protein particles to the skin and airways, while StoeGroup’s low-protein variations further lower the danger.

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Get the Best Latex Surgical Gloves with the Help of StoeGroup

Many everyday items, such as sterile surgical gloves, medical equipment, balloons, shoes, tyres, and rubber toys, are made from latex. Latex products can be found in a variety of situations, including the health and dental industries, as well as the foodservice business.

Despite the availability of a variety of synthetic alternatives, natural rubber latex (or NRL) gloves remain one of the most popular glove kinds on the market. This is due to their high level of flexibility, which allows users to maintain high levels of touch sensitivity and dexterity while fitting snugly on the hand. They can, of course, create latex allergies in users or others who come into touch with them, which is why several manufacturers have produced low-protein, powder-free substitutes.

Latex surgical gloves Powder free sterile, unlike powdered latex gloves, do not have a powder coating (usually cornstarch) inside. This powder coating is placed on disposable gloves to make them easier to put on and take off, reducing the risk of tearing the glove and reducing sweating, which keeps moisture levels inside the glove lower. Powder-free alternatives are a key answer for some situations, despite the advantages of powder-lined gloves. Powder-free alternatives are a big option for specific circumstances, due to latex allergies and contamination difficulties.

Why are these gloves widely used?

Despite the fact that alternatives like nitrile and vinyl gloves are prevalent in several areas, latex gloves are still chosen by many workplaces because of their greater flexibility, touch sensitivity, and dexterity. They also guard against a variety of chemical and biological threats, making them highly flexible safety gloves. Latex allergies, on the other hand, are a big worry for many organizations, particularly those where employees interact with the public, such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

What are the various types of latex gloves offered by our company?

  • Powdered latex gloves

These gloves feature a powder on the inside that makes them simple to glide on and off while also preventing the latex from clinging to your hands, which is great if your employees are continually removing and changing their gloves.

Cornstarch is the powder inside the glove, which, unlike prior powders used in gloves, prevents discomfort. The powder not only makes it easy to put on the gloves, but it also keeps your employees’ hands dry and pleasant. Disposable gloves with powder are also more resistant to tears and rips than powder-free alternatives.

  • Latex surgical gloves Powder free sterile

These gloves have become considerably more common in the medical field, as well as in food service settings, since the FDA limitation. Powder-free gloves have one significant advantage over powdered gloves: they do not leave a sticky residue on your hands or equipment, which is critical in the foodservice industry. Additionally, new powder-free gloves are just as easy to put on as powdered gloves, making them a great option.

With this disposable glove variant, the latex element isn’t the only source of hazard. The powder in gloves can speed up the transfer of latex proteins to the skin and cause latex protein particles to become airborne, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is an issue in any job where latex allergies are a concern. Some people may experience allergic responses or sensitivities as a result of the powder, albeit this is a rare occurrence.

As a result, powder-free, low-protein latex gloves should be worn in any environment where latex allergies are a concern but latex is still the most acceptable glove material.

One Pair, in a paper wallet, packed in a paper pouch, sealed and sterilized, 50 Pairs in one box, and boxes in cartons as per qty.


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