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Latex Surgical Gloves (Powder Free) Non Sterile


Types of surgical gloves

There is a varied range of surgical gloves one can use. However, the ones which are widely used in medical as well as industrial fields are

  • Nitrile surgical gloves

These gloves are one of the most popular surgical gloves used nowadays because of its superior strength and resistance against chemicals and acids. These are widely used in almost all industries.

  • Latex surgical gloves

These gloves are known for its disposable quality and for their long-lasting strength. This is especially preferred due to comfort and elasticity.

  • Vinyl surgical gloves

The surgical gloves are not that flexible or elastic in comparison to the others. However, we provide excellent resistance against chemicals and also longer durability.

Latex Surgical gloves are a type of surgical gloves which are widely used in the medical field as well as in a varied range of other industries.

These gloves are manufactured from natural rubber that is purified and concentrated after harvesting to get rid of impurities and water. They are then mixed with a lot of processing chemicals to make them hygienic and strong.

Why Would One Choose Latex Surgical Gloves?

 Latex surgical gloves are referred to by a lot of medical experts because of several reasons such as

  • They provide second-skin comfort which it is important for medical professionals to carry on with their procedures without any problems. The natural rubber latex offers proper fit and comfort.
  • The latex surgical gloves provide a perfect fit due to their elasticity and excellent sensitivity. It has an interlocking design along with a beaded cuff which prevents the roll down of the gloves
  • These gloves are also very hygienic and offer protection against various viruses and bacteria’s
  • They are made from high-quality latex and therefore are long-lasting.
  • These gloves are also nonporous in quality which is ideal for protection against bacterial and fungal contamination. This is an important feature for surgical procedures.
  • These surgical gloves are also affordable and available in different sizes

Thus, due to this extensive range of benefits, latex surgical gloves are highly recommended.

These gloves are available in all sizes for both men and women. Because of the perfect fit and elasticity they can fit in any sized hands.

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Looking for the Best Surgical Gloves? 

Surgical gloves are medical gloves that are used especially in medical-related fields such as examinations or procedures. Surgical gloves are a type of medical gloves which provide better decision as well as sensitivity. These gloves are available as non-sterile and sterile and are also made for high standard procedures too.

Since surgical gloves come in different types, each of them is made for specific uses. Although these gloves are ideal for medical, scientific as well as food-related industries. They have many benefits in terms of quality and hygiene.

Where Should One Purchase Good Quality Latex Gloves?

In order to purchase high-quality and hygienic gloves, one should always trust reliable brands. The quality of the gloves and their durability should be considered before purchasing them.

We, at Stoegroup, provide good quality latex surgical gloves that are powder-free and non-sterile. We are widely known all over the country for offering the best quality surgical gloves of all kinds. We provide different surgical gloves in both types- sterile and non-sterile. Stoegroup offers these gloves at reasonable rates and also in bulk so that one can use them for a longer period.

The powder-free gloves provided by us have undergone chlorination which makes them stronger and suitable to be used with food products. These gloves are also highly recommended in the health and beauty industries. These sterile surgical gloves are resilient against water, oil, and chemicals, making them ideal for scientific and medical purposes.

The gloves provided by us are completely disposable and of premium quality. They are completely affordable and come in a bulked pack of a thousand pairs. The disposable gloves are highly absorbent and have a smooth outer layer offering excellent tactile sensitivity. These are highly recommended for surgical purposes to prevent infections in organs.

The gloves provided by us are available in sterile, non-sterile, and disposable forms. Along with this, the gloves are encased in plastic making them easier for storage and transportation.

We also provide nitrile surgical gloves widely popular for surgical procedures because of their resistance to chemicals and acids as well as their superior strength. The gloves provided by us are completely allergy-free and can be used in different industries as well.

You can choose from a varied range of surgical gloves- sterile/non-sterile, latex/nitrile and in different sizes as well according to your preferences. We provide the best quality surgical gloves which are used by many nurses, doctors, and dentists.

Therefore, latex surgical gloves are one of the types of surgical gloves which are highly recommended for medical procedures and also in chemical industries as well.


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