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Latex Surgical Gloves 18” (Powder Free) Sterile


Surgical gloves come in different types depending upon the materials they are made from. The different types of surgical gloves are : 

Latex surgical gloves

Latex surgical gloves are made from thickened and nonporous latex which prevents bacterial and fungal contamination. These gloves are widely used by surgeons and dentists to protect people from infections. The surgical gloves Online come in different levels of techniques depending upon the amount of time they are kept in the latex container.

Latex surgical gloves are used for dental purposes, healthcare or medical examinations, food preparations, salons or spas, and also for janitorial maintenance.

The benefits of using latex surgical gloves are

1) They are very flexible and extremely elastic
2) They have high tensile strength and thus offer high resistance against tearing
3) Since they are nonporous they offer good protection and resist pathogens
4) They are very elastic and thus provide proper fit and sense of touch
5) These gloves are also available in powder and powder-free

However, using latex surgical gloves one might also have an allergy to them. You can also not detect tears in them.

Latex surgical gloves are widely used for most industrial and medical purposes because of the ample amount of advantages it offers. These gloves offer adequate prevention against all the chemicals of bacteria in different situations. Along with this, their elasticity is what makes them more popular.

Nitrile surgical gloves

Nitrile surgical gloves are widely used as a latex alternative. There are audio choices for individuals who handle hazardous or corrosive chemicals. They could also eliminate the hazardous risk of latex allergy. These gloves are also very strong.

Nitrile surgical gloves are used for the preparation of food, janitorial maintenance, healthcare professional examination or surgeries, and also for industrial purposes.

Benefits of using latex surgical gloves

1) They are highly resistant to chemicals and are completely nonporous
2) They offer adequate comfort since they are soft and flexible
3) They have long durability of approximately 5 years
4) In case of any tears, they can be easily detected

However, nitrile surgical gloves are not as flexible as latex surgical gloves and also offer reduced touch sensitivity.

Vinyl surgical gloves

Vinyl surgical gloves made from PVCs are thus less expensive. These gloves are mostly used in low infection and non-hazardous environments.

Vinyl surgical gloves are used for food preparations and janitorial maintenance.

Benefits of vinyl surgical gloves:

1) They are very lightweight and soft
2) These gloves can be used for handling low hot food items
3) They are latex-free and thus won’t cause any infections
4) They have long durability of approximately 5 years

Disadvantages of vinyl surgical gloves:

The major disadvantages of using vinyl surgical gloves are their low strength and prevention against bacteria.



Top Quality Latex Surgical Gloves


Surgical gloves are widely used for different purposes such as medical procedures, chemical or oil industries, and protection against viruses. They are made in a very hygienic manner since they’re used by healthcare professionals for examinations or surgeries.

The surgical gloves are manufactured in different levels and are added with different materials such as latex, nitrile, or vinyl. Each surgical glove has its uses and disadvantages respectively. Here is a list of different surgical gloves with their uses and advantages as well as disadvantages.

Stoegroup offers excellent quality surgical gloves. We provide you with the best surgical gloves in any type or form depending upon your choice.

We offer the best quality latex surgical gloves in both sterile and non-sterile forms. These gloves are also available as latex surgical gloves 18″ powder-free sterile, that comes with one pair in a sealed and sterilized packet. You can get a hundred pairs in one in a cartoon depending upon the quantity required.

The latex surgical gloves offered by us are available in different levels of thickness to suit various medical needs. They are also less absorbent which is perfect to resist bacterial and fungal contamination. These gloves are available as powdered too to be worn and taken off easily.

We also provide sterile surgical gloves that consist of a porous outer membrane to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the fingers to the patient’s body without transferring any infections. Sterile surgical gloves are highly recommended while providing surgeries for dentists and orthopaedic surgeons.

The disposable surgical gloves offered by us are one of the most important types to provide an excellent level of protection during surgeries or examinations in the medical field and then be disposed of without increasing the chances of contamination in the environment.

Stoegroup has the exact type of gloves you are searching for and in many sizes available. We also offer powder surgical gloves which are very easy to be worn and take off without causing any irritation. We are India’s leading surgical gloves manufacturer and are heavily trusted by our customers.

Surgical gloves are being used widely all over the country, especially since the COVID pandemic to prevent the virus and to have a safe and healthy life.

One Pair, packed in a paper pouch, sealed and sterilized, 100 Pairs in one in a carton as per qty.

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