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Latex Surgical Gloves 16” (Powder Free) Sterile



  • Powder-free latex surgical gloves online were created to reduce the risk of latex allergy and sensitivity in users and others who come into touch with them.
  • Powder-free gloves considerably reduce the spread of latex peptide substances to the skin due to the chlorine washing method, and StoeGroup’s low-protein versions further reduce the risk.

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Latex surgical gloves 16 powder free sterile are a wonderful measure in and of itself for preventing contamination. To protect themselves from infectious diseases, not only medical and dental professionals, but also health care workers and other service providers who work for a living by risking their lives, should use sterile surgical gloves online. Even sanitation workers and those involved in medical or cleanliness efforts should wear gloves to protect themselves from infection.

In reality, in the event of a covid pandemic, many individuals used gloves to protect themselves from the dangerous virus, because germs might stay on the dermal surface even after washing their hands. As a result, gloves must be worn to avoid this danger factor.

To protect yourself against contamination, it is critical to wear the correct size of gloves. Pathogens or other undesired particles can get into touch with your skin and induce reactions in your body if you use the wrong size or loose latex surgical gloves.

StoeGroup offers five different sizing options for both men and women. The surgical gloves come in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL to accommodate any palm size and surgical gloves near me are easily available.

Product quantity: One Pair, packed in a paper pouch, sealed and sterilized, 100 Pairs in one in a carton as per qty.



Top-quality Latex Surgical Gloves 16 Powder Free Sterile

Latex is found in germ-free surgical gloves, medical apparatus, shoes, balloons, tires, and toys, among other things. Latex is utilized in a wide range of industries, including medicine, dentistry, and the food service industry.

Naturally occurring rubber latex (or NRL) gloves have been one of the most accepted glove types on the marketplace, despite the availability of a range of synthetic alternatives.

This is owing to their considerable litheness, which permits consumers to uphold elevated levels of contact sensitivity and agility while giving a comfortable fit in the hand.

Naturally, they can cause latex-related allergies in customers and those who were affected by them that is the reason why numerous manufacturers have developed low levelled protein, free of powder alternatives.

Powder-free sterile gloves, unlike powdery latex gloves, are made of latex and do not have a powder covering. Typically, this powdered coating is added to disposable gloves to make them easier to put on and remove, reducing the risk of ripping the glove and sweating and keeping the humidity inside the glove to a minimum.

Despite the advantages of powder-layered gloves, alternatives for powder are a viable option in some situations. Powder-free alternatives are a possible option in some instances due to allergies induced by latex use and contamination concerns.


Despite the availability of alternatives such as vinyl and nitrile gloves in many industries, gloves made of latex are still preferred by many work areas due to their increased flexibility, contact sensitiveness, and deftness.

They’re also resistant to a wide range of biological and non-biological dangers, making them a versatile protection glove.

Latex hypersensitivity, in contrast, is a major concern for many businesses, especially those that interface with the community, such as infirmaries and other health-related facilities. Surgical gloves near me can be available on stores or websites.

Latex surgical gloves 16 powder free sterile include a powdery substance within that makes them easy to slip on and off while also keeping the latex from adhering to your palms, which is ideal if your staff need to change their gloves frequently.

Cornstarch is the main constituent of the powder in the glove that reduces discomfort, unlike previous powdery chalk used in gloves.

This powder-like substance not only makes putting on the gloves easier but also keeps your staff’s hands desiccated and comfortable. Powder-coated disposable gloves are also more tear and rip-resistant than powder-free versions.

Latex-based surgical gloves Powder-free sterile has grown considerably more common in the medical profession, as well as foodservice environments, since the FDA restriction.

Powder-free gloves have one significant advantage over powdered gloves: they do not leave a sticky residue on your hands or equipment, which is critical in the foodservice industry. Additionally, new powder-free gloves are just as easy to put on as powdered gloves, making them a great option.

In this disposable glove type, the latex component isn’t the only source of danger. The material in gloves can accelerate the transfer of latex peptides to the body and reduce latex protein particles to become airborne, according to the HSE, Health and Safety Executive, which is a concern in any job where latex allergies are a concern.

Some people may experience allergic responses or sensitivities as a result of the powder, although this is a rare occurrence.

As a result, even if latex is still the best glove material, powder-free, low-protein latex gloves should be worn anytime latex allergies are present.

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XL, XS, S, M, L


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