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Latex Examination Gloves”, (Powder Free), 8 gm/pc, Blue/V Blue (100 Pcs)


Nitrile gloves are designed of artificial latex, do not include latex proteins, and are therefore more puncture-proof than traditional rubber gloves. These nitrile examination gloves are liquid-resistant, anti-static, and odour-free, making them ideal to be used in food businesses.

Features of Examination Gloves Nitrile

• The protein present in natural rubber latex is not present in these gloves.
• The gloves must be kept in a clean, dry, and cool area that is away from the direct rays of the sun.
• The examination gloves’ price varies depending upon the sizes of the gloves.
• The various examination gloves sizes range from small, medium, large, etc.

Advantages of Examination Gloves Nitrile

Nitrile examination gloves also outperform similar rubber gloves depending on the chemical tolerance. This is owing to Nitrile Rubber’s superior resilience to solvents, acids, and oils as compared to pure rubber. These are also latex examination gloves powder free that eliminate the rate of irritants as well as the effort of managing with powders.


Packed in Pairs in Paper/Poly Pouch, 100 Pairs in a carton, Rate per pair

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XL, XS, S, M, L


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