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9” Nitrile Examination Gloves (Powder Free), 5.5gm, Blue/V Blue/ Green/Black (100 Pcs)


The nitrile examination gloves are made from synthetic latex which makes them resistant to all kinds of wear and tear. The gloves have no latex protein in their composition. The product is used for conducting surgeries or worn to avert germs and microorganisms from coming in contact with your hands.

● Nitrile examination gloves find their application in medical sectors like hospitals and nursing homes.
● They are worn to maintain sterile conditions during research and lab tests.
● The culture medium is fragile and prone to contamination if touched with bare hands. Hence the scientists use nitrile examination gloves while conducting experiments.
● The gloves are worn by people on the road if they wish to keep away microbes from coming in contact with the skin surface while touching things.

Advantages –
The nitrile examination gloves are extremely useful because they are anti-static in behaviour. The product also showcases excellent solvent resistance capabilities. The substance is odour free which makes it a demandable solution in the food and dairy industries.

StoeGroup is renowned for its nitrile powder-free gloves which are extremely popular in the market because of their durable nature and long-lasting quality. The gloves are designed to be used for maintaining sterility in hospitals and laboratories tasks.


100 Gloves in a Dispenser Box, 40 Boxes (10X4) in Carton – 4000 Pcs

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