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9” Nitrile Examination Gloves (Powder Free), 3.5-4gm, Blue/ Violet Blue/White/Black/Cobalt Blue


The nitrile surgical gloves are designed to provide better performance than regular rubber gloves. They are resistant to punctures and last longer than ordinary rubber gloves. Nitrile surgical gloves are composed of synthetic latex and consist of no latex protein in their composition. This makes the product more resilient and useful.

Usage –
● The nitrile gloves are available in different varieties and shades like the black surgical gloves.
● It is used when surgery or operation is being conducted. It also finds its application in other medical purposes.
● The research assistance is always asked to maintain a sterile environment for the culture of samples by putting on these gloves.
● It can also be worn while dusting the houses and their interiors for effective cleaning.


The nitrile gloves are composed in such a manner that it makes them durable and effective against wear and tears. The product quality is thicker thus making them long-lasting. The variety of colours like black surgical gloves are effective against dirt and dust and do not require a regular wash.

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100 gloves in a Poly bag, 50 Poly bags in a gunny Bag – 5000 Pcs.

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