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9” Latex Examination Gloves (Powder Free) (100 Pcs)


Latex Examination Gloves Powder Free are designed by medical companies for surgical purposes. It is made by removing the powder through a process called chlorination. The latex residue is removed which makes it easier for wearing and removing quickly. Due to the chlorination technique, the powder is no longer needed for donning.

● The application of powder-free gloves is versatile. Latex examination gloves powder free is used under sterilised conditions like hospitals and test labs for conducting hygienic treatment and test research.
● It is also used at home while a nurse is tending to the patient.
● The gloves find their usage in other fields like painting jobs where the task needs to be conducted with neatness.
● The powder-free gloves are beneficial while fishing if you desire to keep your hands clean and stench free.


The powder-free gloves are easy to put on and remove because of the smooth surface and quality. The product does not cause any rashes on the skin and there is no accumulation of sweat.



100 Gloves in a Dispenser Box, 40 Boxes (10X4) in Carton – 4000 Pcs.

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