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Importance of Latex Surgical Gloves For Surgeons

Latex surgical gloves were first used in 1890 and their usage had drastically increased in the late 1980s as they were then widely recommended as a means to prevent the transmission of diseases and viruses that spread through blood contact like the ‘human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Latex surgical gloves are made up of natural rubber latex, and their main purpose is to prevent the possible transmission of diseases between surgeons and patients.

What Is The Difference Between Surgical Latex Gloves And Medical Examination Gloves?

The difference between these surgical latex gloves and medical examination gloves can be tricky to find, for an individual who is not familiar with a background of medical science but is indeed an important one.

Firstly, the main difference can be seen within the manufacturing of both of these gloves. Surgical latex gloves are produced to be more ‘quality oriented’ rather than being ‘quantity oriented’ as these gloves have to be placed in critical circumstances where the health of neither the ‘professional’ operating on the patient nor of the ‘patient’ himself can be compromised.

On the other hand, medical examination gloves are produced and supplied in bulk for students who don’t have to perform any sort of surgery, but rather have to collect blood samples or inspect hazardous drugs.

Another point of difference that can be noted is that these surgical latex gloves are much more sterile and are packed individually in pairs, unlike the medical examination gloves which may be fairly sterile but are packed and delivered in bulk.

The last point to be noted while mentioning the difference between these gloves is that even though the examination gloves are not known to have a very accurate range of sizing; the latex gloves do have a precise range of sizing.

Why Buy Latex Surgical Gloves Over Other Types Of Sterile Surgical Gloves?

When it comes to the preference of gloves in the world of a surgeon, most of them would recommend latex surgical gloves whether you are at a medical store, a medical equipment supplier or looking to buy surgical gloves online.

The reasons for this popularity are many, but to start with, latex surgical gloves have many pros, with only a few cons being the fact that they can be a strong allergen for people who are allergic to natural rubber latex, and neither can they be used with petroleum-based emollients.

The good news is that there are fair alternatives for people who are allergic to latex, they are not out of options. And instead of using hydrocarbon/petroleum-based emollients, water-based emollients can be used.

Talking about the ‘pros’ of surgical latex gloves, they are extremely sterile and provide the best protection against viruses and diseases of all sorts. Besides this, they are also known to be extremely durable and sensitive, along with providing good elasticity and comfort.

Where To Buy Surgical Latex Gloves From?

After getting a brief introduction to surgical latex gloves, knowing the difference between surgical latex gloves and medical examination gloves, being enlightened by their pros and cons, now let us explore all the options from where one can buy them.

Broadly, we can identify that either an individual can buy surgical gloves online or look for them offline, at a store.

Talking about offline stores, one can visit their nearby medical store to buy a fresh pair of latex surgical gloves. Besides this, they can also visit a surgical supply store or even choose to buy them from a medical equipment supplier. Although one should keep in mind that these suppliers and traders usually accept bulk orders.

Apart from visiting an offline store, one can choose to buy surgical gloves online from various suppliers which will deliver at their doorstep, exactly the product they will order. They will have a free choice to decide whether to place an order in bulk or buy according to the usage of one individual.

The sheer convenience of purchasing products from an online platform is immense as the product is delivered right at your doorstep. Moreover, there is a wide range of options available which an individual can choose which are marked at diverse pricing points. This is an essential benefit for products such as surgical gloves as they are considered to be medical products that might be utilized to save an individual’s life.

Whom To Trust?

Since all the Google results are genuine, the chance of fumbling upon a fraud supplier is smaller than the tiniest cell to ever exist. But websites of individual manufacturers and suppliers can be a bit more reliable as compared to the e-commerce giants when it comes to medical equipment.

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