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In the times of pandemic, there has been a sudden increase in the demand for disposable gloves. Disposable surgical gloves are usually used to prevent the hands from any cut, dangerous tools or equipment or any other dangerous chemical.

There are several types of disposable gloves available in the market namely nitrile, vinyl, latex, nylon and polythene.

Talking about latex specifically, it is mainly present in plants and is afterwards converted into rubber material for being used in the industry. There are two types of latex-one is synthetic and another one is natural. Both these latex are very different from each other.

Not just disposable gloves, but you will also find them while being used in other industries as well. Mainly the health sector and the food industry are the places where you would find it being used very frequently.

Also, there are two types of latex gloves you will come across namely- latex examination gloves powder free and powdered latex gloves. Both of them are used in different circumstances in the food and healthcare sector. Let us first try to understand both of these gloves more in detail-

Powdered latex gloves
As the name itself suggests this type of glove has a powdery substance with it which is cornstarch and it is used to make the hands dry. This type of glove is usually preferred where the medical staff continuously changes the gloves.

Because of their powdery substance, they are very easy to remove and are very comfortable to wear as well. They will not even stick to your hands because of the presence of powdery substances. You can easily get these examination gloves online.

Powder-free latex gloves

These are the kinds of gloves that are commonly used in the food industry because they do not leave any powdered substance on your hand. Hygiene is very important in food as well as the medical industry, which is why they are mostly preferred over powdered latex gloves.

Powdered latex gloves might be a task to find, because of their ban by the FDA. But as far as powder-free latex gloves are concerned, you would be able to find them easily in the market.

Latex examination gloves powder free are preferred by the medical and food industry over the powdered latex gloves.

You can easily visit the online website and find examination gloves online manufacturer and supplier. You would come across plenty of them while searching them on any search engine, you can compare the prices and quality and process accordingly.

There are a lot of examination gloves suppliers in the market as well, you need to be careful while buying them because a lot of them are selling the cheap quality at high prices.

The latex examination gloves prices have somehow increased during the time of the pandemic. There are a few reasons for the same

1.The demand
Demand for latex gloves increased more than 50% at the time of the pandemic and also there was a labour shortage at that time. Eventually, people who wanted those gloves had to pay double the price at that time. This is one of the main reasons why the examination gloves prices increased.

2.Raw material
The raw material supply was also very less at that time because of lockdowns happening worldwide. Even though it comes under necessity services, still, people were not willing to work for their safety.

3.The intermediary
When the gloves went to the intermediary and then came to the supplier, their prices eventually got high because all of the middlemen involved.

It has also been found that a lot of people have latex allergies, so one must be very careful before using latex in any form otherwise there can be dangerous consequences for the same.

The employees safety is the most important for any business organisation, be it medical or food industry and this is the reason these disposable gloves are always in demand.

These gloves offered by elite companies such as StoeGroup were the most beneficial during the time of global pandemic by maintaining cleanliness.

In case you belong to the food sector, or health care industry and are planning to buy latex gloves then you should first compare the prices online as well as at the marketplace.

It is beneficial to seek assistance from the expert team of StoeGroup to avail more information about this topic.

Being the best Latex Examination Gloves Suppliers and Manufacturers in India, the StoeGroup team will guide you every step of the way. After comparing the prices the quality should be checked and then you should come to a decision.

It requires a lot of research on the buyer’s part because these latex gloves hold a lot of relevance for employees and they have to be of good quality.

It is not always important that high prices will promise you great quality of latex gloves, this is the reason you first need to research and then come to the decision of selecting the supplier or the manufacturer of the latex glove.