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Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In India

Buy Surgical Gloves is that barrier that protects the caregiver from the transmission of diseases from the patient. You might confuse medical gloves with surgical gloves. However, they are different from each other. Given below are 3 differences that can help you understand it better.

  • Higher quality standard

The quality of medical and surgical gloves varies a lot. Surgical gloves require their manufacturer to meet the highest possible level of quality standards. In the case of Nitrile, black surgical gloves are considered the best in quality as they have been tested against three major European standards.

  • Packed solely

Medical gloves on one hand are packed in a lot whereas surgical gloves are packed individually to maintain their sterility.

  • Range

In the case of surgical gloves, there are more choices in terms of size whereas this is not the case concerning medical gloves.

Amongst the online availability of surgical gloves Amazon has a wide variety to choose from. The number of times the gloves have been worn, whether the surgical glove is of good fitting or not and how the surgical equipment is handled while wearing gloves are some of the factors that define the kind of protection being provided to the doctor.

With the on-going Global pandemic, there is always a first-mover advantage. The surgical manufacturing business is in good demand currently due to Covid 19. And this is the kind of business that doesn’t even require a hefty investment.

All it requires are the right tools and machinery for the manufacturing process. Surgical Gloves are manufactured using the best quality Raw Material like Natural Rubber Latex, Corn Starch or Potassium Hydroxide Solution.

Is it sustainable?

Sustainability has been a big issue concerning the manufacturing of surgical gloves. While the Covid 19 reached its peak in 2021, to meet the increasing demand the production of surgical gloves increased and they are mainly made up of petroleum-based nitrile rubber. Natural rubber is far better than petroleum-based nitrile rubber. It biodegrades in the environment so much faster while synthetic rubber will stay in landfills for another 100 years. Natural rubber is not being used popularly due to the allergy it causes to the skin.

However, the manufacturing processes are re-evaluated and revised to save wastage of Raw material as well as energy.

How are Surgical Gloves made?

For manufacturing of surgical gloves:

Step 1 – The very basic step starts with hand-shaped ceramic on a conveyor.

Step 2 – After which they are put into wash tanks with chlorine and hot water.

Step 3 – Then are left to dry while putting it in water and chlorine aides in removing residue if any.

Step 4 – Now when the molds are clean, they are coated to make a rubber stick.

Step 5 – Lastly, the molds are put into a combination of calcium nitrate and calcium carbonate solution.

There are some of the very common Raw Materials used in making surgical gloves. They are listed below along with their pros and cons-

  1. Nitrile

It is a synthetic surgical glove material. They are made by a combination of two Raw Materials. Concerning Nitrile, black surgical gloves are used as they are cost-effective and are latex-free.


  • The most important is that it is durable and can act as an excellent barrier for protection against the chemical.
  • They are more durable if compared with latex gloves.


  • They are not comfortable to wear and low in elasticity
  1. Latex

These gloves are made from Natural rubber and are biodegradable. Latex is combined with other chemicals to make surgical gloves.


  • They are comfortable and have increased elasticity.
  • Also they are durable and act as a barrier against viruses.


  • They are allergic due to the presence of protein in it.
  1. Nitrile

Two main raw materials namely butadiene and acrylonitrile are combined for making components for this form of Raw Material.


  • They are not costly as well as they are durable and have a long physical life.


  • They are not comfortable and are low on elasticity.
  1. Polyisoprene

They are synthetic-free form of latex.


  • Great in terms of elasticity and comfort.
  • They are durable.


  • Only disadvantage is that they are the most expensive gloves.

With regard to buy surgical gloves, they should not be washed and used again. If the healthcare professional does not follow the principle of single usage, then the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for anything. If the glove is washed or reprocessed to use again, then it will damage its material and will not protect against the transmission of chemicals.

The unlawful recovery of used surgical gloves from waste dumping sites of hospitals to recycle and use them again will result in danger to health and is a matter of concern.

Healthcare institutions are advised to destroy the surgical glove before discarding which does not happen in most cases and this result in dubious ways of reprocessing the surgical gloves.

Due to limited resources, these illegal activities take place. The reusing of surgical gloves should be strictly banned in hospitals. In the opinion of experts, till now there is no standardized and validated way of reprocessing surgical gloves.

In order to prevent the usage of used surgical gloves which are a part of the PPE kit, extra measures have to be taken by the healthcare professionals.

Amongst all the online availability of surgical gloves Amazon has some of the best choices with the best quality to buy surgical gloves. Before ordering in bulk from any manufacturer, be very certain about the product compliance in India. These regulations are to make sure that the product’s quality is up to the mark.

About the payment terms and conditions, it is not feasible to pay more than 40% as a deposit. One has to be aware of any of the scams concerning the material of the product and payment terms and buy surgical gloves from a trusted manufacturer/retailer only.